Pure luxury for your nights – with a good box spring bed, individually adjusted to the needs, no wish remains open. Whether well supported by the night or conveniently located during the short break in between, a box spring bed can easily make anyone comfortable lying.

In addition to the standard box spring beds, there are also beds with one or more bed boxes, which can be e.g. Open easily with a gas spring or as a drawer and offer plenty of extra space. This multifunctional furniture does not leave the space under the bed unused and at the same time very user-friendly. For double beds also open on both sides, the bed box is mounted inside the box spring frame. The ventilation of the mattresses is not disturbed.

For whom are box spring beds with a bed box suitable?

Who likes to invest in the luxury of a box spring bed, but has little space, should buy a bed with a bed box. The additional storage space can be used in many ways. Whether for pillows, blankets or even less frequently used items – more storage space, invisibly hidden in a bed box, everyone can use well.

For people who like to change their furniture position in the room to get a different impression, the bulky and heavy box spring beds with a bed box are rather less suitable. Once set up, they should stay in place.

How much is a box spring bed with a bed box?

A box spring bed with a box is a bit more expensive than a model without additional storage space. But as always, the price does not decide on a good night’s sleep. More important is the exact composition of the box spring bed with mattress and topper. Only then will everyone find their ideal sleep and can use the nights to rest, to start the next morning strengthened in the day. Because there is still plenty of usable storage space for a perfectly selected bed and breakfast, a box spring bed is usually a bit more expensive when it comes to purchasing the price. You can get information about Box spring bed right now at https://www.amerisleep.com/retail/katy-lacenterra.