Since a topper is responsible for comfort and pressure relief, you should not use support of less than 6 cm height. Less does not make much sense.

However, toppers, which are significantly higher, may partially affect the supportive function of the mattress. Here you should not necessarily exceed 12 cm.

Can a topper get cool after a short time?

Yes, because the possible seat edge of the lower pocket spring mattress can cause a slight “nest”. This is more normal with box spring beds and does not affect the flying characteristics.

However, if the bed – the box or the mattress – is defective or of inferior quality, the formation of cavities also has an ergonomically negative effect. In most cases, the pain quickly develops in the lumbar region. But this is not the fault of the topper but of the substructure, which no longer fulfills the support function.

No, because a good topper (cheap alternatives made of cold fluff except!) In combination with the pocket spring mattress is a very good choice.

Can I put a topper on a cold fluff mattress?

No, that really makes no sense at all and only brings with it problems or disadvantages. The already mentioned problem of ventilation is still much higher with cold fluff mattresses than with pocket spring mattresses.

Add to that the ergonomic lying: Topper is a good supplement for pocket spring mattresses, but completely unsuitable for cold fluff.

The adaptability of a pocket spring mattress is designed by the functioning of the use of Topper. Cold fluff mattresses, however, work with zonings of the foam core, which would clearly lose their effect through a topper.

Which topper is the right one for my mattress?

If you are planning to buy a topper, go to a specialty store and get advice. Tell the counselor the exact design of your mattress so he can make a reasonable recommendation. Whether viscose foam, gel, latex or cold fluff are possible depends both on the mattress and the desired lying result.

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