A cold fluff mattress combines many positive qualities:

  • On the one hand, cold fluff mattresses are very point elastic, so they give in to the right places, on the other hand, they provide good support. In addition, they have very good breathability compared to other mattresses, so have a positive influence on the sleeping environment.

But what is a cold fluff mattress actually?

A cold fluff mattress is a mattress which is foamed from so-called cold fluff in the block foam process. A cold fluff mattress is a polyurethane mattress (abbreviated to PU, the DIN abbreviation is PUR, therefore sometimes referred to as pure foam mattress), which is made from polyhydric alcohols (polyols). The polyols used for the material are particularly reactive, so it is not necessary to heat cure the foam block, hence the name cold fluff.

The reaction is complete as soon as all the monomers (particularly reactive molecules) have joined together to form polymers. As a result of this process, a cold fluff mattress has a significantly higher compression hardness, which is why cold fluff is also referred to as HR foam (HR for high resilience, ie high elasticity). The production in the block foam process means that initially large foam blocks are foamed, from which then the cold fluff mattresses are cut. This results in differences in density, which can be up to 15% (of course, the mattress, which comes from the bottom of the block has a higher density than the top).

After the foam has been foamed, almost all cells (or pores) are closed. This has the advantage that the hour-long post-reaction is not influenced by penetrating moisture. However, open porosity in a polyurethane mattress is expressly desired (keyword breathability), therefore cold fluff mattresses are pressed together after foaming by a rolling mill so that the cells burst open. This is also called crushed.

In some cold fluff mattresses, the cells also break in the course of use, so that the mattress becomes more and more breathable over time. Compared to the block foam process, the foam molding process is more expensive, so the molded foam mattresses made with it are also higher quality and more expensive. If you want to buy a mattress and get information about it, you can get it from https://www.amerisleep.com/retail/portland-washington-square.